Having just returned from Rowany Festival, and learning that my partner’s teenage daughter has nothing actually “nice” to wear to events, I decided to make her an outfit that she can own, and she can wear to feasts and actually look like she’s not a ragamuffin.  Having recently made a gown for myself from this same pattern, I find it to be not only comfortable and warm, but to also draw a lot of positive comments.  The hand sewing took me only a day and a half, the majority of which I spent watching movies, and I have yet to get the material to make a chemise to match.

I’ve taken the construction instructions directly from here:  http://homepages.wmich.edu/~rowen/renbk/rendressbook.html
I’ve found this website to be extremely easy to follow, it even tells you how to alter the pattern for your individual requirements, gives you suggestions for alternate closures, etc.  It was great for someone who has never had any practical experience in putting together anything but a T-tunic, and has no access to pre-drawn patterns.

My one sadness is that I didn’t have enough material to really go to town with the skirt.  My own gown has a 4 meter skirt which really sits out with a lot of volume, but this had not quite 2 meters to play with.  It’s still got plenty of leg room, though, so it’s not going to trip her up if she decides to go running around.

Sleeves can wait until I’ve made my own.

Italian Rennaissance Dress