Yes, a gloat.  I have not been idle the past week, I have instead been making entries for A&S competitions that are looming so that I have something to show.  Today I was searching for a crucible (or simply a small cast iron pot that I can safely store away and never use for cooking) and suitable metals to melt down for “stuff”.

I don’t drive.  So, if I can’t get it in walking distance, I generally do without.  Thus I was looking at cooking pots in Lifeline, when this item happened to pass in front of my eyes:

Awesome Fabric of Awesomeness

Awesome Fabric of Awesomeness

What is it?  It’s a king size doona cover.  It also happens to be my wedding dress.  Or it will be.  When I get a chance to sew it.  I think I’ll model it off the same pattern as the one I showed in item #1 (the Renaissance dress), with just a few small tweaks.

I think it’s a cotton/nylon blend.  Parts of it feel like cotton (the flowery bits), other parts feel like nylon (the not-flowery bits, or, in other words, the bits in between the flowery bits).  So I’m seriously thinking of dying it in the hopes that it will pick out the pattern, I’m just wondering what colour I should choose.

The cost of this oh-so-extravagant piece of fabric?  Thirteen dollars!  I feel like dancing!

There isn’t enough there, I think, for a really full skirt, however, there’s certainly enough there for a front panel, and the other side of the doona is a very nice quality cotton, which I can probably dye with the rest of the fabric for an all over colour scheme.

And after the wedding, it can serve as garb.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Meanwhile, I found all the other stuff I wanted.  Now to find out if my stovetop gets hot enough.  I do have a plan b if it doesn’t, but one thing at a time.