Today I received “Pleyn Delit” from my wonderful mailman.  courtesy of Mainly Medieval.  So my cooking, which has sadly stagnated due to not actually having any cookbooks available which don’t reside on the internet, shall be revived.

I do intend to start posting more on here very shortly, however my time has been somewhat taken up by things I can’t really post up here (yet).

Coming soon:

  • My subtlety for the upcoming coronation
  • Viking Treasure Necklace (an A&S entry for an upcoming event)
  • Bacchus Wood seal (an A&S entry for an upcoming event)
  • and the thing that has been taking up my time: the construction of 150 tokens for coronation (this one is a tale and a half).

The construction of the last should be completed this week, which will give me a chance to work on my own projects once more.  This is somewhat imperative, as I have a gambeson and a lot of garb to complete for Great Northern War, which is not very far away at all.