The past few days have been spent sewing masses of fabric.  I’ve taken instructions from here:


Italian Chemise

The fabric I’ve used here is a pale yellow muslin, which I managed to pick up at a very cheap price from Spotlight, and I’ve taken some lace from an old shirt to serve as the cuffs and the neckline.

Recycled lace

Lace cuff

Some notes from the process:

  • My initial thought on seeing the fabric laid out was “That is going to be way too big for me!”  The neckline is enormous before it’s gathered.  Don’t worry.  It’s meant to be that way.
  • When you sew the sides together, make sure you line up the gussets before you start sewing the sleeves shut.  I didn’t, then found that the fabric had skewed badly while I was cutting out one sleeve.  Thus, there are a number of gathers in the back of one sleeve, because I’m lazy and didn’t want to unpick everything when I realised that my gussets were uneven by about 2 inches.
  • Gathering is tedious work.  I used a different technique to those listed in the link, I gathered by sewing pleats directly onto the lace.  If you’re going to do it this way, make sure you’ve got the lace on the correct side of the fabric, rather than have to unpick 3-4 inches of the neckline when you realise you’ve got it inside out.  It might have been more, but for my reaching a seam and thinking “That doesn’t look right…”

Happy sewing!