I have just returned from Great Northern War.  Oh my, it was fun!

For those who are unaware, Great Northern War is an annual SCA event which currently takes place in Samford, QLD, over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.  There is (unsurprisingly) a war.  I didn’t see the war.  I was too busy doing all the other stuff.

The weekend started off running, as I presented an earspoon to my friend Ragnarr, even before I had started setting up camp.  He was thrilled with it and apparently spent much of the weekend showing it off to others.  I have gained at least one commission from his excitement.  I also presented his Canton with my piece of filk, which he also loved, and which, I gather, may end up being sung often in Stegby.

Court was joyous.  A number of my friends received well deserved awards.  There were so many AOA’s given out, I know there were people I should have been congratulating that I have missed, simply because of the sheer volume of awards.

Over the course of the weekend, there were 26 A&S courses up for grabs.  Unfortunately, they were spaced over 9 course times, so even the most avid A&S junkie was going to miss out on 17 of them.  I managed only 7, due to a) talk early on Saturday morn and b) a migraine Saturday afternoon.  I think this was a valiant effort, and I now know a few things that I didn’t know before, and have a number of things to attempt for my breadth challenge.

I’ve also added two accomplishments to that challenge: making a clasp, and learning how to play Nine Men’s Morris.  I will, at some stage, make a board for the latter, and post it up here, along with rules not pulled from Wikipedia ;).