This is not a period recipe.  Not that I know of, anyway.  I’m not saying that treacle tarts weren’t made back then, I’m just saying that this is something I got into my head to make, googled a few recipes, then kind of chucked a number of disparate ideas together to make sugary stuff to eat.

I bought some treacle last week.  If you’ve never tasted treacle, it’s awesome stuff.  Like molasses.  Or malt.  Not powdered malt, the syrup malt.  Mmm yum.  And of course, once you have something like that in the house, you have to cook with it.

To make these tarts, I’ve cut out a heap of circles from a sheet of shortcrust pastry that I just happened to have in my freezer, and put them into some pretty silicone cupcake trays that I’ve had lying around for a while.    Then, I’ve taken a glop of treacle.  For those of you unused to such highly scientific terms as “glop”, I’ve used maybe half to three quarters of a cup of treacle.  I’ve put it into a saucepan, along with a squirt of lemon juice (yay for the plastic lemons you can buy in the shape of a bottle!) and a few shakes of powdered ginger.  I’ve heated that lovely mix on the stove and stirred it until everything is mixed, and the treacle is now really runny.  Then I poured in breadcrumbs and mixed it.
You need to be fairly careful with the breadcrumbs.  There’s a consistency you want to maintain: too little means you end up with runny slop, but too much will become a hassle to stir in.  You should play with the mix until you’re satisfied that you’ve got a solid that you can easily spoon into the cases and pat down.

Then I shoved it all into the oven to bake.  I’m working with around 200C in this instance, but whatever you think is going to work best.  I’m a guesstimating cook, and I rarely work with measurements of anything unless I think it’s going to blow up if I don’t.  When the crust was starting to turn golden, I pulled them out.

Then I started again, using golden syrup instead of treacle.


Yummy tarts