I’d just like to give a shout out to the following website:  http://www.string-or-nothing.com

The owner of this site has put together an absolutely incredible blackwork resource that I shall be utilising in the near future.


Meanwhile, I have been a busy girl, finally completing a chemise to go with the dress I made.

Chemise with dress

Yum, double muslin.  The fabric is incredibly soft and creamy, I’m starting to wish I’d saved it for my chemise instead.
It’s a good thing I made the skirt so much longer than the dress, in the past two months, the intended recipient has shot up in height so quickly that the dress is sitting almost at mid-calf on her.  I have started work on sleeves today, hopefully I will have them finished for Coronation next weekend.

As well as sleeves, I shall be up to my armpits in icing this week, as I prepare to finish off the soteltie for presentation at Coronation.  I also have documentation to complete for the A&S, however, as I won’t be able to actually attend, I’ve still to organise someone to enter my items for me.

It’s going to be hectic…