I finished these a few days ago, but I’m only just getting around to posting about it.  Sleeves, for this dress.

Sleeves for a teenage re-enactor

The pattern is fairly easy.  I’ve measured in 6 places on the arm.  Tip of the shoulder to the wrist, under the arm to the wrist, tip of the elbow to the wrist, around the upper arm, around the elbow, around the widest part of the hand.  Please refer to my lovely little scanned diagram below.

Generic sleeve pattern

This dress is using a detached sleeve.  This greatly increases its wearability, especially somewhere like Australia, where the heat in Summer can really make you wish you were wearing short sleeves, but the cold of Winter means you want that extra warm garb.

I’ve made the sleeves to tie on, attaching just once to the bodice at the shoulder, and tied three times along the length of the arm.  This should leave plenty of room for growth, offering some small amount of leeway for arm length and width.  Ribbons can be replaced, but adding fabric where there is none to spare is somewhat difficult.

I’ve also slit the elbows.  Hopefully this will allow her a greater amount of movement, teens being teens.

My partner’s daughter has been thrilled with the costume so far.  I have yet to see her with the sleeves on, as she’s been spending school holidays with another relative.  This weekend will be her first time wearing the complete outfit.  But the day she tried on the chemise with the dress, she didn’t want to take it off.  I think it’s a hit.