This is, sadly, the second favour that I’ve had to make for my beloved to fight in combat with.  The first (rather heavily embroidered) favour disappeared, along with his fighting shirt, from the fighter’s tent at Great Northern War, and has not turned up amongst lost property, nor has anyone responded to my plea sent out on the Shambles list.  Our belief is that it was accidentally packed with another fighters gear; one who left on the Saturday evening, or the Sunday, as my partner took a day off from fighting, and the disappearance wasn’t noticed until the Monday.

This left me feeling that I was under-represented on the field.  A ribbon just doesn’t cut the mustard as far as I’m concerned, he needs a favour that shouts out that he’s fighting for me.

So, I set out to create a new embroidery for him.  I have, in the time since the first embroidery was done, decided on charge and colours for my heraldry, and I’ve only got to re-submit my device (the first submission drew one conflict, so I’ve altered my design slightly), so I’ve used the charge I’ve decided upon, which won’t change, no matter how many heraldic permutations I have to wade through.

A token of my favour

This favour is made of a square of muslin, hemmed by hand.  A white scorpion, outlined in purple, is embroidered into the corner, and along two sides is a purple line of running stitch.  The favour was then folded and stitched at the back, so that a loop is formed.  This should secure the favour much more stoutly than my previous man-hankie sized one that simply tied onto his armour.  If this one disappears, it will be because someone took his favour belt.