I was going to write this post yesterday, but sadly I was distracted by the charms of John Barrowman as I caught up on old Torchwood episodes.

Today I have no such excuse, so I’m pleased to show you my entry for the Stegby Feast of Friendship Arts and Sciences competition, Norse Treasure Necklace division, which gained me a 2nd place.

Norse Treasure Necklace

I had a lovely amount of online research I’d done during the construction of this necklace, however, it all sits on a USB stick that I appear to have misplaced.  Saturday morning, just before leaving for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Warwick, rather than just printing it all out, I was frantically putting together a short documentation sheet to submit with my entry.

I think it looks pretty good, don’t you?

A lot of my necklace is based on two images:

Bookmount And Glass Bead Necklace

Carnelian And Crystal Necklace

Click the photos to be taken to the page they’re from.  I’ve also referred quite heavily on the observations posted here.

 When I made my necklace, I did it in the dark.  Not total darkness, just enough to make it difficult to determine colour.  This was so I could choose beads without being worried about how much they matched, they were sorted into dark/light, size, and shape.  I also worked hard to find as many badly made beads as possible.  Some time ago I chanced upon cheap containers of mixed beads, which were awful quality, but fabulous for this sort of thing.  I have broken beads, misshapen beads, conjoined beads, beads that look like they’ve dripped down the mandrel, beads with bits on them, beads that have flat spots that look like they’ve been put down onto a flat surface while they’re still soft.  It was so fun going through them all looking for the ones I’d never put into anything else.  Then of course, there are the other beads, the ones made of metal, amber, garnet, amethyst, black pearl, jade, and put onto wire.  I like those ones.  It was a trial trying to find bits of metal to put on, but eventually I found a button I could cut the back off and punch a hole in, and an old, silver cartouche pendant that I hadn’t worn in years.   Vikings went everywhere.  I figure Egypt is a possibility for hacksilver finds!

Now I just have to make a heap more viking garb to wear with my necklace!