I was bumbling around on youtube a few months ago and I saw a post on weaving bracelets.  I think I may have been looking for Viking Wire Weaving techniques, but that’s not what this was.  This was a true weave, very simple and relaxed, and very quick, it looked, to make.  

Last night I decided to actually try it.

The basic techniques is this- you take however many short strands you want your bracelet to have (for the width of the bracelet) and one extra long one (I just left the wire on the spool) and put them all lined up, long ends out, in a vice grip, with the extra long strand at the end.  Fold the wires down alternating forward and back, then bring the long strand over. Tamp it down, say with a block of wood hit with a hammer, or something similar.  I think if your wire is coated with something, say a laquer or a coloured coating, don’t use the hammer on bare metal, as you may end up destroying  your coatingthen go back and repeat the process.  Fold your strands, lift your long strand over, tamp it down, repeat.  Every so often you’re going to want to drop it down into your vice so it sits flush, I recommend every couple of weaves  just to be safe, otherwise your bracelet will bunch up on itself.  Once you’ve got it to the right length, stop.  I wasn’t so sure about finishing off, so I clipped all the tail ends fairly short, pushed them down into place, and covered the ends with my clasps, which were basically done with wire wrapping, much the same as all other jewellery I make.

Unfortunately, I am unsure how to add a photo of my finished product into this post, as I’m using an iPad with my wordpress account for the first time.  I’ll try to get the photo uploaded sometime in the next 24 hours.