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#47 Lucet

Some time ago, I came across an online image of a Viking line winder. You can find an image of the specific find here: Falling somewhat in love with the image, I decided to make lucet with similar markings. So I prepared a nice piece of beef bone and here’s the finished product at roughly half the size of the original find.

Bone lucet based on a linewinder found at Sømhovd, Norway

Bone lucet based on a linewinder found at Sømhovd, Norway



A two-fer: 22, Make a lucet, and 23, make a lucet braid

I’ve never tried lucet cord braiding before, but I’ve seen it done, I’ve hung out with people talking about it, it’s something you really can’t escape in the SCA.

For those who don’t know, a lucet  is a two (or more) pronged thingie with a hole in the middle, for the making of braid with.  Prior to today, I actually thought the cord was called a lucet, but it turns out that I was wrong, the tool is the lucet, and the cord is simply named after the tool that made it.

I actually made two lucets today.  The first was from bone, which broke while I was polishing it.  I was thinking of sticking it back together with superglue, but it’s going to have to deal with a fair amount of tension from the cording, so I may simply transform the remnants into naalbinding needles.  The second is from cedar, and took me much less time.

A note to anyone who’s never worked in wood but intends to at some point:  stay away from cedar.  It’s a crap wood.  I have a bunch of it because it was cheap and I was ignorant.  It’s too soft to be of use for anything, so I’m using it on stuff I don’t mind breaking.  That includes this lucet.  Leave it to pencils and pretty panelling, it’s no good for anything else.

Lucet + cord

The braid is produced by first running the thread through the hole, then wind the thread around the prongs twice in a figure 8 pattern.  The lower loops get pulled off the prongs over the upper loops, then another figure 8 loop gets added, tightening as you go.  It forms a square braid.  I’m still working on getting the tension right, but I think I’ll be right as rain by this time tomorrow!

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